The making of a DNA construct with deletions?

Fernando king-ferdi at
Thu Mar 2 05:51:44 EST 2006


if you have single cutter flanking the sites of interest, just digest 
with the appropiate restriction endonucleases. Then create blund ends 
with T4 Polymerase and rejoin them with T4 ligase. 


In article <du6d9t$sdo$1 at>, nospam at says...
> Dear NG.
> I have a 1500bp DNA construct where I want to delete 5-6 smaller regions 
> dispersed throughout the sequence. What is the easiest way to do this? Is it 
> by amplifying the different cassettes of DNA with flanking restrictions 
> sites and then joining them, or is there another way to get around? Any help 
> would be appreciated. Thanks.
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