PascalC65 Pascal at
Wed Mar 8 07:57:31 EST 2006

On 2006-03-08, Duncan Clark <blackhole at> wrote:
> Pascal is wrong actually :-(

Not completely :-)
I only said that the use of SCS110 Dam- (and Dcm-) allowed the restriction
of the plasmid. (Without re-checking now in the NEB catalogue for which
methyl sensitivity ;) )

> Look for the JM110, or GM2929, or straight E.coli B ,or a B derivative 
> such as BL21. E.coli B is naturally dcm minus, dam plus.

BTW, the SCS110 have the advantage over JM110 to be endA- which (in my hands)
resulted in better quality of DNA, specialy low copy one's.

> As stated, NEB's catalogue (Reference appendix) is by far the best 
> resource for this information and should be the first port of call 
> before any such query.

I completely aggree! (except the fact that SCS110 genotype is not in the NEB


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