BclI methylation sensitivity - yes or no or what?

Wolfgang Schechinger novalidaddress at nurfuerspam.de
Tue Mar 14 12:11:49 EST 2006

Dear Experts,

BclI (SpeI) is reported to be dam methylation sensitive (see eg NEB and
Fermentas catalogues)

just was cutting pLNCX into 2 fragments with BclI (Bcl one). As the
plasmid was accidentally prepared in DH5alpha, actually BclI shouldn't
have cut at all. On the gel, the digest seemed to be complete. The
reaction was set up as usual (5 Units enzyme, 1hrs 50degC, Rxn vol 50

What went right? Your comments are appreciated!

Wolfgang Schechinger, PhD
University Hospital "Bergmannheil"
Endocrine Research
Bochum, Germany

PS Please reply to the NG, this email address ends in autotrash

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