Geneclean kit method

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Sat Mar 25 19:30:04 EST 2006

here is the protocol

Qbiogene is a distributor for Anachem :


"Steff" <s.ascough at> wrote in message 
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> Hi, I'm really hoping someone can help me with this - I'm running my
> restriction digests out on an agrose gel and want to use my Geneclean
> kit from anachem to clean it up. The only problem is the method insert
> has gone missing.
> I've tried looking at the anachem site, but that doesn't have
> downloadable instructions, nobody in any of our labs uses geneclean
> kits, so there's no-one to ask here. Could a very kind person either
> briefly bullet-point the steps for me, or point me in the direction of
> Anachem Geneclean 2 kit instructions, and I will be eternally grateful.
> Thankyou.

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