Analyzing transformants

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You can choose restriction sites (unique) one within your reading frame
 and one outside reading frame (from your plasmid, again unique i.e., only
 one cutting site). The size of band should give you information about
 the correct orientation of your gene in the clone. Otherwise the
 orientation of the insert is wrong.
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 > >How to check if colonies have my gene in the CORRECT orientation by PCR
 > >and restriction digest? I think the only way is to sequence the region
 > >in both directions.
 > Two PCR's.
 > One vector primer, one 5' insert primer.
 > Same vector primer, one 3' insert primer.
 > Only the PCR with the correct orientation relative to the vector primer
 > will amplify.
 > PCRing up solely the insert using insert primers and an RE digest on
 > that will never give you the orientation.
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