FACS and adherent cells

Stacy Ferguson stacyef at stacyef.net
Thu May 4 21:28:14 EST 2006

What, specifically, are you having a problem with? Once detached, 
there's no difference between analysis of cells that grow in suspension 
or cells that were previously attached. The only thing you may want to 
consider is that if you use trypsin to detach your cells, this may 
destroy (or at least greatly reduce the number of) molecules you are 
trying to detect on the surface. Using an EDTA-based detachment buffer 
may be preferable. 

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 "Yuktee Dogra" <yuktee.dogra at pms.ac.uk> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am looking for protocols/journal articles on the use of FACS on
> adherent cells.....any help would really be appreciated!
> Thank you in advance
> Yuktee
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