subcloning linker problems and need help..please!!

Debashish Das debashish.das at
Fri May 5 07:05:17 EST 2006


i would like to thank you all for those tips.

the linker is there in the original as it has been squenced and we can see it. there is no 
restriction site within the 
linker. as suggested there could be recombination since it is repeatative sequence of Gs and 
Cs. we will give a shot 
with the RecA- bacts. what i do not understand is that another guy from the lab cloned 
another gene into this 
pLox and he had the linker still intact. he also used XL10 comps. is it possible that 
recombination is kind of "gene 
cloned in"  sensetive?? that sounds pretty new effect??

best of things

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