Whatman CloneSaver DNA Archiving

Wolfgang Schechinger novalidaddress at nurfuerspam.de
Tue May 9 16:52:52 EST 2006

Hi Dima,

thought already the same.

Another case of "Golden Nose Biotech"?

You see, one may make money from making people believe that they buy
something they can't make by themselves.

... being aware of some other GNB corp selling very alkaline solution
(pH11 or so) for stripping westerns at 50 USD per 100 ml. Tech from the
lab next door is using 0.2M NaOH...


DK wrote:
> In article <mailman.867.1147096882.16885.methods at net.bio.net>, Ralf Koebnik <koebnik at gmx.de> wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >I need to store several hundred plasmid DNA samples at ambient environment
> >and came across the Whatman CloneSaver cards.
> >QUESTION 1: Does anybody have experiences with this system for long-term
> >storage (in the range of years)? Any bad surprises?
> >QUESTION 2: Does anybody have alternative suggestions which might be
> >cheaper?
> Regular Whatman 3M filter paper over 3 months is my experience.
> I'd be surprised if those clonesaver cards are anything significantly
> different. THey certainly sound like regular filter paper judging from
> descriptions and protocols provided. 
> DK

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