Slow DNA samples

Jose de las Heras josenet at
Tue May 9 20:45:10 EST 2006

You mean they appear *larger*, running slower, right?

It's difficult to tell from that picture. If you overload the gel you may 
get a similar effect, but then the bands will also look poorly defined, so 
you'd notice that...

What are your samples? genomic DNA, plasmid...?


"TR" <taskan4 at> wrote in message 
news:mailman.900.1147223658.16885.methods at
Hallo everybody,

Lately our DNA fragments seemed to be shorter than they should. It turned
out that our DNA samples are running slower that our markers!, from the very
begging of the run (see photograph at **<>,
the markers are in the central lane).

Any idea what the cause may be?

Thanks, CG 

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