Sequece of pIT ?

Wolfgang Schechinger novalidaddress at
Thu May 11 16:43:09 EST 2006

Dear Christiaan,

all information that I currently have is that is has about 2.6kB (IIRC)
and that it has the usual elements (lac promoter, colE1 ori, apR,
M13ori) and some more interesting elements, of which I at the moment
cannot exactly say if the are proprietary elements of pIT2 or already
modifications: ribosome binding site, something called pelB leader , a
myc-his tag and a gIII element for propagating the phage. The library
itself is between pelB and the myc-His tag, followed by amber and the

In our case, it's used for the phage display of single-chain antibodies
(screening a Tomlinson ScFv library).

As there are some sequencing results which are hard to interprete, we'd
need (actually my student does :-) some more information about the

that's all I can provide.

Best regards,


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