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> I am in the process of generating an expression construct which will
> express 2 different cDNAs.  Would it be better to use a vector which
> contains 2 mcs and 2 promoters (in addition to antibiotic selection for E.
> coli and mammalian cells) or could I insert the cDNAs tandem using a CMV
> promoter and BGH Poly A?  

I've used plasmids with two separate expression cassettes.  However,
you cannot insert the two cDNAs in tandem and get expression of the
second cDNA.

Instead, use a vector with two MCS separated by an IRES.  Clone the first 
cDNA into the first MCS (before the IRES), and the second cDNA into the 
MCS that is after the IRES.

We got a plasmid like this from the Aiyar lab.

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