Beta-galactosidase detection

Tetering, G.J. van via (by G.J.vanTetering from
Wed Nov 1 07:49:53 EST 2006


I'm having difficulties with my immunohistochemistry. I want to show
Beta-galactosidase on cryo-slides using the Promega Anti-Beta-gal
antibody. It does not work, the antibody does detect beta-galactosidase.
But when using it on cryo-tissue (10 micron) I don't get a clear signal
and a lot of background. I used thicker slides (100 micron) and even
then the signal is low. Can anybody help me with this problem?

Geert van Tetering


Geert van Tetering
PhD student
Molecular Research Lab
Dept. of Pathology UMCU
The Netherlands

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