Lyophilizing sterile samples in a Speed-Vac

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Fri Nov 3 15:08:05 EST 2006

I used to use Eppendorf's LidBac tube for lyophilizing sterile samples of 
growth factors and other expensive, labile molecules in a Speed Vac.  It has 
a sterilizing filter that removes microbes from the air that rushes in once 
the vacuum is released.  However, they will soon stop marketing this 
product.  Does anyone know of another way to keep sterile solutions from 
becoming contaminated during their time in the Speed Vac?

I wish someone else would pick up the ball and improve on Eppendorf's 
design, which was not really intended for this purpose.  Ideally, the filter 
should be in the cap of the tube, not in a canister inserted into the tube.  
A cap filter would make it much easier to use, because one would not have to 
handle the canister (inserting and removing), which risks contaminating it.


Geoffrey Kidd

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