help with lambda zap excision

patricia pavón via (by optap At
Thu Nov 9 11:09:42 EST 2006

I'm trying to excise the pBK-CMV phagemid vector from lambda ZAP clones. I didn't have the helper  from this Kit named: ZAP Expressed so, someone kindly lend me some helper from ZAP II kit, which requires excision with SOLR strains, the first kit requires XLOLR strains due tu its tetracycline resistance, it is important 'coz pBK-CMV has kanamycin resistance as t SOLR strains does ,so is mencioned that one shouldn't use those to do excision coz of possible recombination. So, i'm thinking in use the helper with XLOLR1 but i hesitate doing it coz i don't know if the helper phage is the same either strain were used. 
optap At
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