What would you reccommend as a WB marker (ladder) standard

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Fri Nov 17 15:25:38 EST 2006

Dear Lech,

My favourites are the prestained ladders, so you can see the proteins
separating during the run and stop the electrophoresis when it looks
promising. Then, after blotting you may easily mark the bands in case
they disappear. I personally like the PageRuler mixes from Fermentas.
Other companies have similar stuff that's also good.

All the best, Wolfgang

Lechu wrote:
> Anyone used BioRad biotynylated markers for chemiluninescent detection
> (by streptavidin-HRP)? I need sth as a reference this seems a good
> choice. Alternatively, there's Invitrogens MagicMark. Have you got any
> experience with the above? Or maybe you find some other stuff a better
> deal?
> Best wishes, Lech

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