What would you reccommend as a WB marker (ladder) standard

Jose de las Heras via methods%40net.bio.net (by josenet At tiscali.co.uk)
Fri Nov 17 16:47:39 EST 2006

I also use the PageRuler ladders. Especially the one with the orange marker 
at around 70KDa (the rest are blue). Very useful.


"WS" <novalidaddress At nurfuerspam.de> wrote in message 
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> Dear Lech,
> My favourites are the prestained ladders, so you can see the proteins
> separating during the run and stop the electrophoresis when it looks
> promising. Then, after blotting you may easily mark the bands in case
> they disappear. I personally like the PageRuler mixes from Fermentas.
> Other companies have similar stuff that's also good.
> All the best, Wolfgang
> Lechu wrote:
>> Anyone used BioRad biotynylated markers for chemiluninescent detection
>> (by streptavidin-HRP)? I need sth as a reference this seems a good
>> choice. Alternatively, there's Invitrogens MagicMark. Have you got any
>> experience with the above? Or maybe you find some other stuff a better
>> deal?
>> Best wishes, Lech

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