Question about protein dialysis-bag leakage

Pow Joshi via (by pow.joshi At
Fri Nov 17 17:38:36 EST 2006

On 16 Nov 2006 14:14:25 -0800, DY <bearofthecity At> wrote:
> I don't know whetehr anyone have encountered the same strange problem.
> I have one protein that is purifified from Ni column. The major peak is
> eluted with about 250 mM immidazole. I tried to dialyze this protein to
> some other buffer. The remarkable thing is once I add protein solution
> into the dialysis bag, the bag starts to leak!
> The bag is not leaky initially, as checked by only adding buffer into
> it. Therefore, the protein definitely plays a role in this leaky issue.
> Have anyone seen anything like this? I am really puzzled because this
> seems so counter intuitive.

just a quetion: do you by any chance use these "orange" or say another
colour "clips/ thingies" to grip and hold on both ends? .... those
could be an issue....

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