What would you reccommend as a WB marker (ladder) standard

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Mon Nov 20 10:54:05 EST 2006

Lechu wrote:
> Anyone used BioRad biotynylated markers for chemiluninescent detection
> (by streptavidin-HRP)? I need sth as a reference this seems a good
> choice. Alternatively, there's Invitrogens MagicMark. Have you got any
> experience with the above? Or maybe you find some other stuff a better
> deal?

Here's what I do: I like to use prestained markers (not particular
about the manufacturer). After transfer, I stain the membrane with
Ponceau S and scan it to get a record of the image. Then, after I probe
the blot, I'll put one or two glow-in-the-dark stickers on the wrapper
(available at children's craft or toy shops), so that after exposure, I
can match up the film to the blot and see exactly where the markers are
on the exposure. Also, if needed, you can print out a copy of the
Ponceau-stained blot to overlay the exposure to the blot, for example,
if you think your antibody is sticking to an abundant protein rather
than binding specifically to your protein of interest.

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