[western blotting] reproducible detection in western blotting

SJC via methods%40net.bio.net (by scott.coutts At med.monash.edu.au)
Wed Nov 22 04:10:12 EST 2006

Lechu wrote:
> What you would reccommed as an alternative to ECL systems + standard
> autoradiography film? I start to find  film developing pretty boring
> and time-consuming, and I always have problems with the right
> adjustment of exposure time to get reproducible results. Lifetime of
> luminescence is also pretty short. Any suggestions as for reasonable
> alternatives? Maybe some fluorescence-based methods?

You could always try the old 4-chloronaphthol + peroxide method. It's 
less sensitive, but at least you dont have to use a darkroom or worry 
about exposure adjustments. Alternatively, if you have the money, you 
could purchase an imaging system and use your existing ECL system... 
that way, the machine will decide on the exposure for you.


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