densitometry on western blots

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>>I have some basic questions on densitometry and would be glad if anyone
>>can point me to a good source to learn more or even answers some of the
>>1) As I understand it the bands have to be non-saturated. Does this
>>really mean that as soon as I have pixel values of 255 (on a 8-bit
>>image) I can forget about doing a densitometric analysis?
> No, it does not. 

That's not right.  For an 8-bit image, once a pixel value is at 255,
that pixel value cannot get any higher - by definition it is already
fully saturated.  Practically speaking, from an 8-bit image you get 
two logs of linearity.

It is for this reason that many of the commercial systems made by Kodak, 
Biorad, Alpha-Innotech etc. etc., make use of 10-bit or 12-bit CCDs.

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