4 western blots

DanSolo via methods%40net.bio.net (by daniel.otoole At ucd.ie)
Fri Nov 24 06:21:16 EST 2006

Lechu wrote:
> Is there any brand you would (not) reccommend? I was thinking of Sigma
> (mol.biol.grades), but there are so many much (more than 10 times
> sometimes) cheper manufacturers (like Roth in Germany for example). I
> just wonder whether this stuff is eqally good, especially for westerns
> with really expensive Abs.
> Best wishes, lech

It's pretty basic stuff, nitrocellulose, so I for the cheapest I can
find at .2uM pore size. At the moment I'm using a Schleiser and Scheull
roll. I've never seen an advantage with PVDF, but some people like it.

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