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On 11/25/06, DK <dk At no.email.thankstospam.net> wrote:
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> >I have an affinity purified antibody that is reacting with the expressed
> > recombinant protein from bacteria in wetern blot but not with the normal
> > fibroblast. This antibody was working very well with the fibroblast
> > previously.
> >   Any idea how this can happen?
> If they worked before but don't work now and your fibroblasts
> are the same, I don't think this could happen at all. Something
> else is missing/confused.
> DK

I agree with Dima....... unless you have changed some culture conditions/ or
source of your prrimary fibroblasts,  that "switches off" the protein
production.....we could help troubleshoot better if you'd explain the exact
conditions of your experiments.


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