in-vitro coupled wheat germ system [Promega]

DanSolo via (by daniel.otoole At
Sun Nov 26 18:46:59 EST 2006

newsnet customer wrote:
> I agree that the luminometer is by far superior than the naked eye. However,
> I don't plan to quantitate the amount of luminescence at this stage but
> rather if there is a positive or negative result (ie. light or no light in a
> dark room). But you may be still right in that the luminescene maybe too low
> to detect by eye. Anyway, I'm going to give it a go. Going to use a quartz
> quvette... that should help with the luminescene compared to a micro-tube.
> Cheers,
> ST

You could mix the lysate with the renilla substrate and tape it to a
piece of autorad film in the dark? Should be reasonably sensitive for a
yes/no answer.

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