Cleaning up DNA for microinjection

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Tue Nov 28 21:01:34 EST 2006

Tom Anderson wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Back with another purification question. I'm trying to do some DNA
> microinjection into cells, but am finding that i'm not getting flow
> through my needles. When i use some control DNA from a colleague, it works
> fine, so it seems my DNA solution is too lumpy, and is clogging the
> needle.
> So, any ideas how i can remove particulate matter from my DNA?

I haven't injected DNA, but I have injected antibodies into cells year
back. We used to give them a brief (about 20 min) spin at about 100,000
X g in a Beckman Airfuge (sort of a Barbie-sized ultracentrifuge driven
by compressed air).


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