Sequence of Plasmid P1 and R1

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Hi Duncan,
I would have been more specific. i am looking for the information in E.coli. i have serached in Pubmed and got no results. there are lots of information about P1 phage though.

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Historians believe that in newspost 
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x x <x at> penned the following literary masterpiece:
>   Hi, I am looking for the sequences of plasmids P1 and R1. I am looking
>   for any site or paper with the complete sequence and description about
>   the parent plasmids P1 and R1. I would also like to know where to get
>   the information about parS and parB genes of plasmid P1.

I presume we are talking about E.coli plasmids or in the case of P1 - 
bacteriophage P1?

Nothing in Genbank?


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