How to measure Cy5-primer concentration ??

Peter Ellis pjie2 at
Thu Oct 5 12:23:32 EST 2006

DK wrote:
> In article <i6SgkQB0SMJFFARd at>, Duncan Clark
> <news at> wrote:
>> Historians believe that in newspost
>> <1159968940.031845.245910 at> on Wed, 4 Oct
>> 2006, chovek69 <ivanoov at> penned the following literary
>> masterpiece:
>>> or it does
>>> not absorb at 260nm.
>> Cy5 absorbs at 646. Ignore the fact that the oligo has Cy5 on there
>> and simply measure 260.
> Cy5 almost certainly absorbs srongly at 260-280 (two indole rings).

It doesn't.  I regularly quantitate Cy-labelled microarray probes, and the 
Cy5 signal does not interfere with the DNA signal.


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