Pharmacia / LKB FPLC System Bus - Any Hints Available?

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Sat Oct 14 17:36:03 EST 2006

Dear experts,

Just "discovered" some elderly FPLC equiment in the vaults of my lab's
building. No idea how old they are - 15 to 20 years maybe. At least
they are from a time when LKB has no yet been bought by Pharmacia by
Amersham by GE Healtcare (by Buchler???).

Some of you inclined readers have been reminded of your time as PhD
students and postdocs? Fine! As I want aehm need to resurrect this
equipment for protein purification, I need your help!

When I had a look on the back of the pump and the detcetor, I noticed a
9 pin SUB-D connector labeled "LKB Bus" and "Remote". Of course all
documentation has gone lost (the boxes are labeled with some PI's names
I've never seen here) and GE's website does not carry any information
on that old stuff.

Could anyone of you please point me to a website or any other source
where I could obtain some information on this mysterial connectors
(pinout, protocols, applications) or simply tell me how I could make
use of these connectors?

Many thanks!

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