Sudheendra Rao N R via (by sudhee26 from
Mon Oct 16 05:43:24 EST 2006

hi ekta
i guess your concern is low yeild of the plasmid
I can suggest following:
   Check your transformation protocol
   Try using SOC media
   Check the plasmid purification protocol (use midi or maxi kit by QIAGEN
to get higher yeild)

some one in the group can guide me if i am wrong


On 10/14/06, ekta jindal <ekta_saggi24 from> wrote:

  I am making a construct with pEGFP vector.I am ligating 2.7Kb isert with
> the vector(4.7Kb). I am getting the positive result by insert-specific
> primers. But i am able to isolate DNA to release the fragment to confirm the
> clone. The recombinant plasmid is growing very less in LB media. What could
> be the problem.

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