Stripping Solution

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Mon Oct 16 13:54:49 EST 2006

Dear Maryam,

I assume you want to strip westerns.

0.2 M NaOH in water might do the trick. There are commercial
preparations (eg Chemicon ReBlot Plus)  which come as 10% concentrate.
They are alkaline and the MSDS says 2.4N NaOH (light) and 3.6M (strong)
also containing 0.05% sodium azide. The latter is intended to kill the
peroxidase from the secondary AB.

You might shortly rinse the membrane before and after with water in
order to limit carryover of blocking buffer / ecl resp. stripping

In my experience, a 15 min incubation in one of these solutions
sometimes, but not always does a good job. Do not expect that
previously strong signals will disappear completely. in order to check
your success, do a reblot with secondary AB only.

Good luck,


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