Industrial levels of production

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Dear Trond-Erik,

having a gold mine there now in your place? Do you mean grams per liter
of bacteria or per liter of broth?!? I am still happy when I get some
10 milligrams per liter - would you like to share your secret?

But, returning to your question,  you might call the folks at Novozymes
in Denmark. They should be able to give you some helpful commets.

Best regards,


Trond Erik Vee Aune wrote:
> Hi,
> We will quite soon publish results that show that we can produce human
> interferon-alpha2b in the scale of gram per liters in E.coli. We would
> like to comment on how this production level can compete with already
> established production processes. Anyone got any suggestions on how to
> investigate this?
> Trond Erik
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