Pharmacia / LKB FPLC System Bus - Any Hints Available?

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Sun Oct 22 14:01:44 EST 2006

Dear Dima,

many thanks for your hints. By some further googling (and "DoMo
OriGaTo" to babelfish) I could get hold of lots of manuals for FPLC
equipment on a website in japanese
(, luckily
in english. I think I can figure out how to operate my machines now. It
seems to me the main difference between FPLC and HPLC lies in the
mechanics and the materials used, i.e. in the pressure limots which the
columns and pumps are able to stand resp. give.

Best Greetings,


DK wrote:
> In article <1161024358.972654.112670 from>, "WS" <novalidaddress from> wrote:
> >
> >LKB 2249 Gradient Pump
> >Pharmacia Uvicord SD
> >LKB 2211 Superrac (Fraction Collector)
> >
> >It is not (yet) what Pharmacia used to sell as FPLC (they coined that
> >term with the device your link shows on the picture) except the
> >uvicord. But I doubt they invented the wheel twice - there might be
> >some similarities.
> Like I said, I can't really help you... :( From what you listed, it's pretty
> clear you have HPLC dual pump. Which is much better because it
> is the equivalent of the "new" fancy-shmacy Pharmacia ACTA
> system. Basically, Pharmacia, having taken the market with FPLC/lab
> systems, reversed the course and went back to good old HPLC
> under different marketing name. If the pumps don't have dry salt
> inside, they are probably fine.
> Uvicord SD is also HPLC and can handle pressures so it should
> be fine.
> Connectors and all that I can't really help except Superrac. We have
> couple of them in perfect working order and might even have manuals, etc.
> Let me know what info you need and I should be able to get it.
> Also, for a "classic" Pharmacia I once declined to buy their $120
> "FPLC comunication cable" and tried standard computer serial cable
> instead because the pin number was the same. It worked. Who knows,
> maybe the same will work with LKB 9-pin connection...
> DK

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