Craig via methods%40net.bio.net (by ask from me.com)
Sun Oct 22 16:05:00 EST 2006

I've tried this as an experiment and once filtered the remaining substance 
is like a jelly like substance, however the quantity is more than that I'd 
expect to be Avidin as it only normally makes up 0.05% of the egg white so 
I'm not sure what else has been left unfiltered too.

Would the remaining substance that hasn't passed through the filter be safe 
to ingest by humans? What I mean by that is, not whether it is safe from an 
Avidin causing a Biotin deficiency point of view, but will it be safe due to 
the fact water softener sorbent has been added. Will all the water sorbent 
chemicals have been passed through the filter or will harmful amounts remain 
unfiltered with the Avidin?


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