low molarity borate and acetate agarose gels

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frankly, I had run, regularly, some TBE gels (tris borate EDTA) and
the protocol is available in the Molecular cloning book, especially
the old editions by Tom Maniatis.....
You could use 0.5X instead of 1x buffer; alternatively, you could use
low voltages.
I used to find the resolutions comparable .... although it's easy to
run TAE gels if you wish to isolate/ purify your DNA.

hope this helps

On 10/19/06, Ho-Leung Ng <holeung from berkeley.edu> wrote:
>      What are people's experiences using the Brody and Kern (Biotechniques
> 36:214 and 37:598) low molarity sodium borate and lithium acetate
> agarose gels? They do run very fast with little heat, but we often
> get very smeared bands, with borate performing better than acetate.
> There is a lot of band quality variability from run to run. Any tips
> would be appreciated!
> ho
> UC Berkeley
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