Eduardo Sánchez via (by es_20002003 from
Thu Oct 26 06:46:10 EST 2006

Dear Dr. Robinson:
  I was looking for information on striping on the internet and found a message posted by you at: , so I tought that maybe you could help me out with a little problem I've had when stripping a PVDF membrane.
  I did the typical protocol of stripping the membrane with NaOH 0.2M for 5 minutes with a previous and posterior wash on distilled water fo 5 minutes also. The only different thing I did was to put the membrane at 4ºC for about 2 hours before doing the chemiluminiscence step.
  Afterwards I did a Ponceau red stainning for 10 minutes and found no protein signal at all. This is very strange because before the first immunoblot I also did a ponceau stainning and saw protein signal in the same portion of the membrane I was checking out this time. Is it possible that I might have lost all proteins? Is it worth to continue with the next immunoblot step?
  Thanks for your time and best regards,

Eduardo Sánchez.


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