McIlvaine buffer_help

G.S. Bhat via (by gsbiotech from
Sun Oct 29 06:30:31 EST 2006


I need some information on preparation of  McIlvaine
buffer. For my experiment I need 0.1 M  McIlvaine buffer of pH 6.0 but the
composition is 0.2M dibasic sodium phosphate  and 0.1M citric acid. How
can I prepare this buffer? As per my knowledge both components should
be same concentration while preparing buffers.So  any one knows about
this  please guide me
thanks=========Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya========== G.S.Bhat Institute Of Agri-Biotechnology(IABT) U.A.S. Dharwad-580005 Karnataka INDIA===================================
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