Stability of IPTG?

WS novalidaddress at
Wed Sep 6 03:33:27 EST 2006

Dear Experts!

I wonder how stable IPTG is in aqueous solutions. It seems to dissolve
very well to give a 1M stock, but does it make sense to do it that way,
i.e how long is IPTG stable in water? At room temp?

I know it's soluble in DMF and DMSO and said to be quite stable therein
when stored at -20. As I will use it to induce protein synthesis in E.
coli in quite large cultures, I would like to avoid organic solvents
this time. And DMSO also is converted to a quite stenchy smell when the
bugs are allowed to play with it for some time. So I'd prefer to go
with water.

Best regards,


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