PCR 10x Taq Buffer with MgCl2

Mr Michael Lai s4074433 at student.uq.edu.au
Fri Sep 15 00:44:19 EST 2006

The MgCl2 in the Taq Buffer breaks down into Mg2+ ions, which form
complexes with the dNTPs, primers and DNA templates.  Therefore, a
sub-optimal MgCl2 concentration may result in low yield of PCR
products, while high concentrations of MgCl2 may result in non-
specific amplification.  If you buy Taq Buffer with MgCl2,
presumably it will have been optimized for a particular Taq
enzyme.  However, if you have particular problems with the non-
specific amplification (say for example you are doing sequencing
reactions) reaction, then decreasing the MgCl2 concentration isn't
something you can really do to optimize your PCR reaction.

I am not really sure what is in the Taq Buffer, but as with any
buffer, it is designed with a combination of salts that will
maintain the pH of the reaction mixture at the optimum level for
the enzyme to work properly.

Hope that answers some of your question

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