co-existence of expression vector and promoterless reporter vector in the same cells

waikhay via (by waikhay from
Wed Apr 4 10:04:34 EST 2007

Hi all,

I am currently working on cloning and expressing a bacterial regulatory
protein using an expression vector to test for its binding to a bacterial
promoter which is cloned into a promoterless reporter vector that can
ideally co-exist with the expression vector in the same E. coli cells.
However, the expression vectors (e.g. pQE seris by Qiagen and pET series by
Novagen) and the promoterless reporter vectors (e.g. pZsGreen1-1 and
pDsRed-Express-1 by Clontech) that I found share the origin of replication
which falls into the same plasmid incompatibility group. Does anyone out
there have an idea of which expression and promoterless reporter vectors I
can use that can also co-exist in the same cell? Any form of help would be
greatly appreciated!!


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