co-existence of expression vector and promoterless reporter vector in the same cells

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>> Hi all,
>> I am currently working on cloning and expressing a bacterial regulatory
>> protein using an expression vector to test for its binding to a bacterial
>> promoter which is cloned into a promoterless reporter vector that can
>> ideally co-exist with the expression vector in the same E. coli cells.
>> However, the expression vectors (e.g. pQE seris by Qiagen and pET series by
>> Novagen) and the promoterless reporter vectors (e.g. pZsGreen1-1 and
>> pDsRed-Express-1 by Clontech) that I found share the origin of replication
>> which falls into the same plasmid incompatibility group. Does anyone out
>> there have an idea of which expression and promoterless reporter vectors I
>> can use that can also co-exist in the same cell? Any form of help would be
>> greatly appreciated!!
> pET and pQE vectors have derivatives of the ColE1 origin.  Your reporter
> plasmid can have the pSC101 origin, as it lies in a different incompatibility
> group.

Also, if you don't have access to a plasmid with a pSC101 origin, I would
be happy to send you one - just write me at the email address below.

NEB also provides plasmids with the p15A origin, which is also compatible
with ColE1-origin plasmids.  pACYC177 and pACYC184 are shipped for free
if requested along with an order.

Email: echo 36434455860060025978157675027927670979097959886449930P | dc

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