co-existence of expression vector and promoterless reporter vector in the same cells

waikhay via (by waikhay from
Sat Apr 7 08:52:47 EST 2007

Dear Aawara,

Thanks for your reply! Appreciate it lots :)

Before I ask for anything else, I would like to know if your plasmid (the
one with a pSC101 origin) is a promoterless reporter vector? If yes, may I
know which reporter gene does it carry?

And I've also checked out the pACYC177 and pACYC184 plasmids from NEB. Since
they are general cloning vectors (not expression vectors) I think they are
not really suitable for my research? (I'm looking into expressing my
regulatory protein in higher amounts in hope of them binding to the cloned
promoter, so I would basically like an expression vector which carries the
T7 promoter.)


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