Plasmid prep issues

peter via (by peter.ianakiev from
Sat Apr 7 17:50:27 EST 2007

On Apr 7, 10:06 am, "WS" <novalidaddr... from> wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> Don't blame it on the kit, seems to me rather that your bugs have
> integrated the plasmid into their genome. Are you using a recombinase
> minus strain? Is your insert sort of bacterial gene that would permit
> homologous recombination?
> Wo

Integration is the only meaningful explanation, although this happens
across many different strains, none of which is rec positive. It seems
that somehow becteria integrated the plasmid in the F' or regained
intact F episome . Inserts also are different and some of the codon
optimized ...


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