KingFisher mL/BioSprint 15 protocol

Vince Mulholland via (by Vince.Mulholland from
Mon Apr 16 08:30:45 EST 2007

Dear All,

One of the protocols supplied with our KingFisher mL (Thermo Scientific)
was accidentally deleted. It was called "gDNA", and nobody has a record
or a copy of the method. I believe it was one of the programs which came
pre-installed on the machine. Could anyone help me get hold of a copy of
this program, as our supplier no longer supports the machine? It is now
sold by QIAGEN as the BioSprint 15 and by Dynal as the BeadRetriever.


Vincent Mulholland
Molecular Biology Unit Manager, Diagnostics & Molecular Biology Section,
Scottish Agricultural Science Agency.

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