Seeking opinions - Guava EasyCyte Mini or Plus

StewJW via (by stewjw from
Fri Apr 20 08:53:18 EST 2007

I'm sure its is a great assay system but I heard the kits are
expensive and you have to use Guava kits

There are similar commercial assay kits available which will work on
any fluorescent microplate reader or flow cytometers.

There are also a number of multiplex bead assay kit devices around.
The Luminex System is a multiplex analyzer based on the principles of
flow and simulataneously detect 10 different cytokines from a single
smaple (they claim up to 100 in the literature). The user can also
customise their own multiplex kits by selecting from a range of
singleplex bead kits for the measurement of different combinations of
cytokines or signaling proteins. See:

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