for Mark Bowen (C-terminal, cleavable His tag)

Larisa Troitskaya via (by larisa_troitskaya from
Thu Apr 26 22:19:14 EST 2007


I have the same problem as you back to 1999 when you
were looking for expression vector with cleavable
C-terminal His tag (you note is enclosed below). Have
you ever found it ???

Thank you,

Dr. Larisa Troitskaya
LA Biomedical Research Institute

I am trying to find an expression vector with a
C-terminal, cleavable
His tag for protein expression.  Neither Novagen nor
Qiagen sells such a
vector.  Is there one available anywhere or do I have
to make it
myself?  I realize that this will leave additional
residues upon
cleavage, but the N terminus needs to be unaltered as
it is involved in
protein:protein interactions.

Mark Bowen
HHMI/Yale University
Dept. of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
mb at

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