immunoprecipitation of protein-RNA complexes

Lechu via (by lech_kaczmarczyk from
Fri Apr 27 04:27:40 EST 2007

Hi all,

I look for a protocol for co-immunoprecipitation of protein-RNA
complexes. The target (prey) is RNA which will be detected with RT-
PCR. The RNA-binding protein is fused to GFP and GFP-targeted
antibodies are to be used to precipitate it. I thought of using resin
with covalently coupled antibodies (Pierce Amino-link Gel) but using
protein A/G remains an alternative (a bit less likely to be
successful, but maybe I am wrong). Anyhow, if you know any protocols
or papers that may be relevant I will be grateful for the info, links
and any feedback. Any help is welcome.

Best, Lech

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