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Thanks a lot DK,  

we have something like this guide but there's nothing "amazing"....so
yes, please send your one to the public address or, if you prefer to
piero.sestili from uniurb.it. Hi and thanks again


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In article <mailman.546.1186502638.11350.methods from net.bio.net>, "Prof.
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>We are trying to transfect U937 cells with a plasmid vector expressing 
>shRNA. However we are obtaining a very low transfection efficiency 
>using either electroporation (which is not the best solution since we 
>need that transfected cells retain their viability for some weeks) or 
>lipofectin.  Is there anybody who knows some nice alternative method or

>trick to increase the efficiency?  thanks a lot,

The highest efficiency is practically always with electroporation. The
trick is that it needs to be properly optimized. If you would 
you be willing to go this route, I can post an "electroporation 
optimization guide" that I've used to transfect all kinds of cells and
help many people over many years. 

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