transgene insertion and repetitive sequences

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On Thu, 16 Aug 2007, Ed Siefker wrote:

> Tom Anderson wrote:
> > Once you've got that far, order up a genomic clone (or several) from
> > normal mice covering the area of the insert and use it as a probe on a
> > Southern blot. Comparing the pattern to that from normal mice will
> > tell you with, i think, a high degree of precision where your insert
> > is.
> I'm not sure I understand this.  We do know that the transgene is in
> band 3A3.  If I get a BAC from this region, how would I use it as a
> probe?  It's kind of big for that isn't it?

Yes, i suppose you do really need to get to substantially sub-band
resolution to be able to do it this way - unless you have a very small
band or are willing to work with 50-100 BACs.

Does anyone sell per-band BAC collections in 96-well plates?

> > Another way of getting rid of real X DNA would be to find some
> > genomics people and get them to flow-sort chromosomes from your mice.
> > Once people have things set up for doing this, it works very well.
> >
> Hey neat, I didn't know they could do that.

Nor did i until a friend started a PhD on chromosome biology, and did it!


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