Choose among Promega pGL3 vectors

Daniel Ge via (by getianfang from
Sat Aug 18 09:32:05 EST 2007

Hello everyone,

I'm new here, want to find answers in the choose of pGL3 vectors.  I used
pGL3-basic previously to study the effect of some drugs on a gene promoter,
however now what I want to do is to characterize a new promoter.  So shall I
use pGL3-enhancer instead of basic?  The enhancer vector included a SV40
enhancer which will enhance the luciferase signal.  I know it will be better
for promoter sequence detection, however my question is, later when I want
to find some transcription factors that regulate this promoter, will the
SV40 enhancer interfere with TF?  And, will SV40 enhancer affect any human
genes or bind to any human TFs?  Shall I choose basic or enhancer vector to
1. find the promoter; 2. find TF for the promoter?

Thanks very much!


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