How to get aliquots from frozen serum samples?

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Tue Aug 21 08:07:42 EST 2007

Dear experts,

we want to analyze about 70 serum samples which currently are stored
in cryotubes (about 2ml) and which are frozen at -80. I am looking for
suggestions on how to obtain small aliquots (sufficient for a few
ELISAs, less than 100ul in total) without actually thawing all the

I thought of drilling holes into the frozen samples with a drilling
machine and pre-chilled ("-frozen") spiral drills and to collect the
chips, but am somewhat concerned of contaminating the samples with
metal abrasions or oil from the surface of the drills. I could clean
the drills in the dishwasher before and autoclave them, but that won't
solve the possibility of metal abrasions.

Has anyone out there solved a similar problem and would like to give
some recommendations?

Many thanks!


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