IHC Related Problem

StewJW via methods%40net.bio.net (by stewjw from gmail.com)
Thu Dec 20 05:28:21 EST 2007

Could it just be your primary antibody causing the problem? Zymed
(Invitrogen) sells a primary mouse anti-GFAP antibody, catalogue
08-0021,  which comes in a range of concentrations to work with your
own development system or you can use one of Zymeds kits, which have a
low background and very high sensitivity, The Histostain Plus Kit is a
peroxidase DAB kit for mouse primary antibodies, catalogue 85-9143.
These kits use a biotin labeled secondary antibody followed by a
peroxidase labelled strepatavidin. The reagents come in dropper
bottles and no reconstitution or pipetting is required, and they are
designed specificially for IHC.

Link for primary antibody product note:

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